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Course Approval Number: PSC20240246

Texas Process Server Continuing Education Requirements

If you are a Texas process server who holds a current certification, license, or registration and needs continuing education, this course meets the continued education required by your state. This course is required as part of your continued education and mandatory training to renew your certification. This course must be taken before applying to the state for your renewal.

Course Description

This course fulfills 4-hours of Texas process server continuing education training required for Process Servers by the Texas Judicial Branch Certification Commission (JBCC).

TXPRO 2201 covers:

  • Basics of Process Service
  • Texas Judicial Systems
  • Process Server Responsibilities
  • Process Server Safety

TXPRO 2202 is also offered in addition to this course and covers many more aspects of the process service industry and gives 4 more hours of continuing education required by the State of Texas JBCC.

For more information please visit Texas Judicial Branch Certification’s website by clicking here.

General Course Objectives

At the end of this course, you should be able to:

  1. Explain the basics of process service.
  2. Describe the different manners of service and their implications to process servers.
  3. Summarize the duties and responsibilities of a Texas Certified Process Server.
  4. Interpret the source of a Texas process server’s authority and its limits based on Texas law.
  5. Explain the importance of a process server’s job.

Course Information

Time Frames

This course will be available for the remainder of the 2024 calendar year once it is purchased. All training modules must be completed before the end of the specified time frame.


A certificate will be issued after passing this course and will be available online for download.

Topics Covered

  • TXPRO 2201 – Texas Process Server CE – Course Introduction
  • Chapter 1 – Texas Process Server Review
  • Chapter 2 – Texas Judicial System – Court Structure and Function
  • Chapter 3 – Responsibilities of a Certified Process Server
  • Chapter 4 – Our Impact on the Judicial Process and the Public
  • Chapter 5 – Process Server Safety
  • TXPRO 2201 – Texas Process Server CE – Course Conclusion


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