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If you haven’t heard yet, Texas House Bill No. 1306, b.k.a. H.B. 1306 was passed during the summer that gives harsher penalties for those who assault process servers during the course of their duties. Assault, not in self-defense, has long been illegal in Texas, but this Bill addresses specifically assault onto Process Servers.

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Under Texas Penal Code Chapter 22.01, harsher penalties were already given if a person assaulted a public servant, like a police officer or judge and only mentions a couple of other occupations, security officers and emergency services personnel. It also includes women who are pregnant. These groups, when assaulted, is a third degree felony. Third degree felonies carry a 2 to 10 year sentence or $10,000 fine or both if a person is found guilty.

Now under the new law which goes into affect September 1, 2021, Process Servers will be included along with these groups.

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